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Welder Performance Test (WPQ) as per ASME SEC IX

The video explain about welder qualification test for pipeline projects. In this video a knowledge of why welder qualification required, welding position in pipe and plate, preparation of welder qualification, SMAW, GTAW, welder performance qualification criterion, tensile test and bend test details are given.

Keywords: Welding, Welder Qualtification Test, ASME section IX part 3, Welder performance qualification, WPQ procedure, Weld positions in pipe WPQ, Weld position in plates WPQ, Form QW 484A, Preparation for WPQ, Shielded metal arc welding, Gas Tungsten arc welding, Weld metal qualificaitons, Weld test coupon, Weld test examination, Welding mechanical test, Welding Radiography test, Face and root bend specimen WPQ, Tension test specimen WPQ, Welder qualifying criterion, Bend test WPQ, Fillet weld break test WPQ


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